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These people were basically peak-Purple Blood experts and were outstanding compared to other war


div>Going beyond 3000, it was not easy to proceed forward. The competition they faced became increasingly intense!

  Of course, people wanted to see such a battle.

  Compared to Qiuniu and Chu Xiaoran, the other rookies were only there to accentuate their prominence.

  Actually in the last two days, there were not many rookie battles. Now, if one did not challenge someone ranked in the top 7000, one would feel embarrassed to go up on stage!

  People were fighting against the top 3000, yet you are fighting someone ranked over 10,000. Would you have the face going up?

  "I think Qiuniu can still win challenging the 2800 ranking. As for Chu Xiaoran, she is really bold to challenge the 2600 ranking. The chances of losing are high..." Someone expressed his view. Many had been discussing for a long time about the results of the two matches Qiuniu and Chu Xiaoran were taking part in. Everyone had their own view, which created a fiery atmosphere.

  At this time, someone suddenly said, "Eh...Isn't that Yi Yun over there?"

  Everyone was shocked and they looked towards the direction of the voice. All they saw, nearby in the participant benches, was a youth in linen clothes walk to his seat before sitting down.

  This youth was indeed Yi Yun!

  "It's really Yi Yun! He finally came!"

  The rookie ranking competition was almost over. It was already the second to last day, yet Yi Yun was still ranked at 10,003.

  People were speechless when they saw Yi Yun. He had no sense of urgency and he was sitting at his seat in a carefree manner!

  It was alright if he did not have the capability, but he clearly had the chance at entering the top three.

  "Yi Yun still has four matches. It can actually be in time...If I were him, my first match will be to battle someone in the top 8000. By securing the lowest ranking, he can next challenge the top 6000 and win it. The first battle on the last day can be used to directly challenge Gu Mu! My World To Live If he were to win, then everything will be settled. If not, he still has one more match to secure his fourth place." Someone said. Many people found this reasonable.

  They were all weaker people. They had to go through more than ten matches to find their ranking.

  But Yi Yun was strong, so he could be more wilful. He could use Gu Mu as his measuring stick. He could secure his ranking in three matches.

  At this time, people saw Yi Yun take out his Thousand Army Saber from his interspatial ring. He unsheathed it and began polishing the shiny blade.

  Seeing this made people speechless.

  It sure was an unordinarily calm scene.

  Yi Yun slowly polished his saber. Actually, only the blades of mortals had to be polished with a tarp to maintain its sharpness. But a treasure saber like the Thousand Army Saber did not need polishing.

  But Yi Yun still polished it bit by bit in a careful manner. This was not a useless act. Yi Yun was actually reaffirming the knowledge gained from the saber tomb as he tidied up the thoughts in his mind.

  Through polishing the saber, he could feel more compatible with the saber. At the same time, he could empty his mind and optimizing his understandings.

  Yi Yun silently polished his saber for an hour. The afternoon competition was about to begin.

  Yi Yun stood up and picked up a form. After filling it, he raised his head-

  "Referee!" Yi Yun shouted out. Immediately, the surrounding people's gaze was focused on Yi Yun.

  They knew Yi Yun had most likely chosen his opponent!

  In the first few days of the rookie ranking competition, Yi Yun was so popular that many people challenged him. So his matches had to be arranged in advance by handing out challenge tokens, so as to ensure that everyone did not fight more than twelve matches a day.

  But in the last few days of the rookie ranking competition, this system was not needed. Those that wanted to fight were mostly done fighting.

  As such,

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