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The God Race instinctively loathed many of Spirit Realm's races, the human race even more so.


div>After the God Race had evacuated from Spirit Realm, many of its seniors had criticized the human race harshly.

  They all thought that the human race was a lowly and despicable race that was only good for breeding.

  They had never praised the human race even once.

  When they first arrived at Spirit Realm, the human race had sat at the bottom of the food chain. They were the first race to submit to them.

  As a reward to their submission, they taught the human race many secret arts and helped them grow stronger. In return, the human race had attacked the other races under their command.

  Thanks to their aid and their own fortunes, the human race grew stronger and escaped their title of "the weakest race" in Spirit Realm ten thousand years later.

  After that, the War of the Hundred Races broke out. To their surprise, it was this so-called weakest race who had used their enormous numbers against them, united the other races and ultimately chased them out of Spirit Realm.

  That was why these seniors deeply resented the human race.

  It was this resentment that drove them to talk only bad things about the human race when speaking to their descendants.

  Everything Yan Feng learned about the human race after he was born was negative.

  That was why he was instinctively repulsed by Qin Lie, a hybrid who was half human.

  Moreover, Cang Ye had compared him to Qin Lie not long ago and told him directly that he would've been weaker than Qin Lie if he was still at rank six.

  This made Yan Feng even less friendly towards Qin Lie.

  "That's right." Qin Lie didn't shy away from his accusation. Instead, he answered honestly, "I've fought against Cang Ye in the chaotic streams of space of Spirit Realm."

  Qin Lie continued before Yan Feng could ask further questions, "At the time, my bloodline wasn't rank seven yet. I was at a complete disadvantage when I fought against Cang Ye at the time."

  He stared at these God Race clansmen openly and without hiding his battle lust at all. He let out a long laugh before saying, "But now, my bloodline is at rank seven. I would very much like to fight Cang Ye again. Is she somewhere around here?"

  He challenged them.

  Everyone here-Gan Xing, Yan Feng, Liu Yang, and Wu Sha-had rank seven bloodline.

  He had scanned the area around them with his soul consciousness and found no other God Race clansmen. It was a relaxing discovery.

  He didn't think that this ten-man squad led by Gan Xing could do much to him.

  That was why he wasn't nervous at all. In fact, he was fully unleashing his arrogant side.

  "Your bloodline is at rank seven already?" The tall and handsome Yan Feng laughed loudly. "Good! This is good! This is very, very good! Big Sis Cang Ye once said that I would not be a match for you if our bloodlines were at the same rank!"

  "Sister Cang Ye actually said that?" Both Liu Yang and Wu Sha exclaimed at the same time.

  The two women hadn't gone to the Darkness Abyss and fought alongside Cang Ye before. Naturally, they had no idea that Cang Ye had made such a declaration.

  However, they both knew that Cang Ye was strong and insightful. They trusted her judgment, and they knew she wasn't a woman who talked rubbish.

  "My sister did say that before." Gan Xing nodded.

  As their astonishment grew, the disdain in their eyes decreased bit by bit.

  They were aware how powerful Yan Feng was.

  If Cang Ye was telling the truth, then this Qin Lie, a hybrid between a human race and a God Race, couldn't possibly be too far behind Yan Feng. On the contrary, he might even be stronger than Yan Feng.

  They were aware that there were some clansmen who made love with the members of other races and gave birth to a few descendants in the past.

  However, there were a couple of problems. First, very few people actually inherited the Blaze Family bloodline. Among those who inherited the Blaze Family bloodline, very few people were abl

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