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Xiao Yu ordered the Hippogryphs to trace after these magicians. However, it wasn't long before a


div>It was the reason why Xiao Yu was always cautious in using air units.

  Xiao Yu was furious but ordered the Hippogryphs to stop pursuing these black cloaked people. Xiao Yu knew that the enemy had a high level magician by their side so he would suffer heavy losses if they continued to pursue them.

  Xiao Yu was powerful but he couldn't face a 6th level magician with the strength he had. It would be difficult to face a fifth-rank or sixth-rank magician on an open battlefield.

  Moreover, since the mysterious force had dared to intervene in the war between Xiao Yu and Solomon then it meant that they were very clear about the strength of both sides. It means that they would be back once again as this time they were unsuccessful. There will be an opportunity where Xiao Yu could catch one of them.

  In addition, his purpose was to get control of Solomon's territory so there was no need to have an extra enemy at this point. He knew that the forces behind the black cloaked people were powerful and he couldn't confront them on his own at this point.

  If he tried to corner them now then they would send much more powerful force to deal with Xiao Yu.

  Who were they?

  Xiao Yu entered the city after it was fully occupied. He was shocked when he saw the heavy, medium and small-sized ballistas and catapults in the city. He would have faced huge damage if the enemies had played out their hands in a right way. The Mountain Giants had rocky skin but it didn't mean that they were invincible. Xiao Yu had seen the heavy ballistas in action. They could penetrate through steel gates. The Mountain Giants weren't immortals so these heavy ballistas could kill them. Moreover, magician's like Master Alma could kill Mountain Giants.

  Right now, the Mountain Giants were at level 1 so they would be more powerful and resistant to attack when they reached level 10.

  "Solomon can't afford all these equipment.. The mysterious force was aiding him! They could come up with so many high-level and expensive equipment in short time..." Xiao Yu knew that these weapons belonged to him now.

  Xiao Yu couldn't help but think of Warhammer company when he saw these weapons. He knew that a powerful force was supporting the Warhammer company in this weapon business. They had branches in every major city in the continent.

  It was no wonder why Master Alma said that Kennedy family was considered as untouchable. Xiao Yu believed that the force behind the Warhammer company was much more powerful than the Kennedy family.

  It seemed that Xiao Yu had provoked a lot of strong powers. The mysterious black cloaked people, Kennedy family, and few Grand Duchies. He believed that all of them would be after his life. Therefore he had to make sure that he got strong in rapid manner.



  Solomon was running away for his life as a dog. He only knew one thing right now and it was to ride the horse as quick as possible to reach the next city. He already knew that the battle was lost when the Gisco city was bombed by Batriders. Originally, he was planning to rely on high walls to kill Xiao Yu's orcs but he was defeated before even having chance to pull out his sword. They didn't even get a chance to fight orcs!

  They lost their greatest protection when the walls fell! Those weapons were useless if not for the walls. The soldiers retreat in chaotic manner which made him unable to organize them. Moreover, Solomon was very clear that the orcs had the upper hand in that chaotic situation.

  It was all over! He had lost Gisco city. In addition, he had deployed all his troops in the Gisco city to fight back Xiao Yu. Who would have thought that everything would end up in that manner?

  The arrows were shot from the sky as the soldiers protecting Solomon died one after another. He couldn't resist these air units. He was like a prey that was on run. At the same time, Solomon heard wailing of wolves. He turned back to see that Raiders were after him too. Would his horse be able to out run wolves? He was going to be caught... It was just matter of time...  Chapter 206

  Xiao Yu was in the administrative hall

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