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"I'm just like the witch in that story, although I'm slightly better than she is, and I won't as


div>"I can help you to change, but whether or not you can obtain what you desire after your transformation, or whether you'll end up the same way as that pitiful mermaid in the story, I don't know-and nor can I take responsibility."

  The silvery girl looked deeply into the pigtailed girl's eyes.

  "Consider it over carefully, Mika Uehara, whether or not you truly wish to change and risk your life and your future in order to become 'special.'"

  "On the last day of the school festival, if you still wish to change yourself, then come find me here again at the same location."

  After that last sentence, "she," turned around and disappeared in a cascade of pink petals.


  This was the dilemma that Mika was currently facing.

  She still had slightly over a day to make her decision.

  Whether she should give up now, and settle for being "ordinary."

  Or if she should risk changing her entire life and become "special" for a chance to get closer to him.

  There were two options, just like a crossroad.

  Should she turn left or right?

  Mika's emotions were incredibly complex as she stood at this fork in the road.

  She laid there on her bed for a long while without moving.

  The night turned dark.

  On the other side of the wall.

  Since it was getting late, Seiji had Shika go ahead and take a shower first.

  After his adopted sister left to change, Seiji opened an app for chatting with his friends and saw that "Cat-loving Flying Fish" was online, so he greeted her.

  "So, you're still alive, you idle fish streamer."

  She instantly sent him an unreserved message that even included a glaring emoticon.

  "Thanks to your blessings, I managed to make it back alive."

  Seiji texted back with an emoticon of fatigue.   percy jackson e o mundo confuso Chapter 82: The color of the wind is green 1

  "Let go of that kid, I'll do it!"

  WindWithoutTrace was feeling anxious as though a babe he had hooked up with was being encircled by a group of hooligans. The anxiousness was so much that he hated himself for not being able to teleport so that he can slap the hooligans away.

  As he used Wind Walk at full speed, he closed the distance of a few hundred meters very quickly. When he was closer to them, he saw the expended shells and holes on the ground. He was somewhat startled when he noticed that GunfireInTheWorld and DualBladesToTraverseTheWorld did not have their weapons out and looked extremely exhausted.

  What was going on? Was there a world war here a moment ago? Did GunfireInTheWorld and DualBladesToTraverseTheWorld fight each other for the Energy Pearl and the killing point?

  WindWithoutTrace had this rough guess as he stopped ten meters away. Although he coveted the "Energy Pearl" on Shi Xiaobai greatly, it did not mean that he had let his guard down. He knew that ThatTenderOneShot was hiding in a particular corner and it was very likely that his sights were already aimed at this head. He knew very well that he was no match for the three-man team, so it was wishful thinking if he wanted to snatch the food from the jaws of a tiger. However, the temptation of the "Energy Pearl" and kill point was too alluring, it was something worth risking.

  Ten meters was the optimal safety distance. Although his Wind Walk was surpassed by Xiao Xiao, his confidence was restored when he faced the three-man team. The key issue was how to get these hooligans to release their soiled hands.

  He could not do it by force, but by wit.

  WindWithoutTrace immediately felt like he had much to be done. He took a deep breath and said, "Brother DualBlades, Brother Gunfire, this person insulted us as spicy chickens, and even mocked me by saying that I'm inferior to a dog. Today, if I do not vent my anger, I will definitely end up with an anxiety disorder. I hereby plead that the two of you would let me kill this arrogant person together with you?"

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