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Wait a minute? There's only two claws here, then...


div>I gave up on blocking with the shield and retreated. Four sharp claws sliced the ice shield into pieces from opposite directions in an instant.

  It's basically a perfect massacring machine!

  When it realized it's attacks did not deal any damage to me, the doll bent over, and like a spider, it came sprinting at me while making 'pala pala' noises. It's speed was basically comparable to a chariot.

  Just what is that thing driven by? Is it still a human doll?

  Ice Valley!

  A row of spikes protruded off the ground, and went piercing in the direction of the incoming doll. The doll bounced, and actually leapt into the sky!

  But if it's in the air, it can't move freely, right?

  With a wave of my hand, from among the spikes, a giant ice totem shot up into the sky and smashed straight into the doll's abdomen, hitting it back into the air. At the same time, an ice flower was blooming in the air, and the doll smashed right into the ice flower!

  "With this..."

  Before I could finish, I suddenly felt a cold chill behind my back. At the same time, the attack warning rang, and I pulled out my tachi as I slashed behind my back. It then collided directly with Marl's sword.

  "And I forgot you were a bandit. Looks like you can't really bear to stay at the sidelines, huh."

  "I have no choice, after all, from the looks of it... you're too strong. Just who are you?"

  "If you want to know, you should tell me what you know. After all, I was the one who asked first."


  He threw something in his hand at me, and I quickly hit it away with my tachi. But when my tachi collided with that thing, a heat wave was suddenly released!

  A flame magic scroll?

  I quickly leapt back to dodge, but the flames already began to spread.

  Restrictor of the Frozen Earth!

  An ice fog enveloped my entire body, and under the blazing flames, it condensed into water, extinguishing the flames on my body.

  But, my HP dropped to a half because of the flames. Looks like he has Arcane- grade magic scrolls on him!

  A LV 15 bandit actually has an Arcane-grade magic scroll with him. It's really unbelievable. Looks like there's only one possibility, and that he is actually hiding quite a lot of secrets.

  For example, secrets regarding Oyado.

  With this thought in mind, I spread out my Angel's wing, and recovered my HP. Then, I looked towards Marl.

  He didn't attack during this period of time, rather, he ran towards the doll which was sent flying earlier, and retrieved its head. Then, he tore his shirt at the chest area, and plugged the doll's head into his own chest!

  Oh my god? What the hell stimulated you to do that sort of thing?

  While I was surprised, the doll's chest opened, turning into straps as they strapped around Marl's body.


  He painfully groaned, and in the next moment, the doll's 8 legs extended out like tentacles!

  Oh my god, you actually have a fusion ability?

  Before I went deeper into my thoughts, he stomped with his new legs, and actually came charging towards me.

  "Ice Valley!"

  Ice spikes once again went head on with him, but this time, he simply stomped the ground with his legs and dodged the attack by moving his body to the right. Then, he stomped again and renewed his charge!

  Are you a flea?

  9 Ice Arrows!

  3 arrows flew towards him from the front, while 6 other arrows charged towards him from his back. 9 blue trails of light intersected against each other as they flew across his body.

  Wait? They intersected?

  When I took a closer look, he actually twisted his body in the air and dodged all 9 arrows. After they flew past his body, he twisted back into his original position, and fiercely jumped!

  The machete and blade in his two hands flashed a cold light in the air. At the same time, his body sudde

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