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In the next couple of days, the group traveled back on their original path, with Han Shuo's orig


div>Han Shuo had originally been so weak, that he had to rely on others carrying him around. He could actually get down from the litter after a few days. A pair of slender arms and pristine as jade cheeks were revealed after the old skin had scabbed over and shed from his originally severely burned arms and cheeks. There wasn't the slightest traces of burns to be found.

  The burned parts of his body and charred bits of his hair also returned to normal after a few days. The miraculousness of this made Odysseus and the others once again wonder, "What kind of monster are you?"

  His magical yuan also recovering swiftly, Han Shuo carefully put away the Fruit of Dagmar during this process. He planned on consuming them when he was quietly alone after returning to the cemetery of death. The injuries within his body also recovered speedily with the circulation of the magical yuan. Han Shuo's injuries quickly healed with the passage of each day.

  On this day, Han Shuo's original demons detected the passage of a large group of people in the distance traveling with earth dragons. He discovered the adept mage Leon within this group and suddenly discovered that these people were part of the McGrady Guild.

  Counting the days and the distance they'd traveled, Han Shuo discovered that they were nearing the area where the forest trolls resided. He suddenly remembered those renowned robbers and villains were still waiting for instructions from their great Datara. Connecting the dots to those McGrady Guild guards and the despicable acts they'd committed against him, a slightly chilly and cruel smile grew involuntarily on Han Shuo's lips.  Chapter 117: Rob them all

  "Odysseus, we met here, so let's part here!" Han Shuo smiled faintly as he looked at Odysseus in the spot where they'd first met.

  This was close to where the forest trolls lived, and after the healing properties of the Medusa's essence blood kicked in, Odysseus could be assured of a full recovery from his injuries. After a few days of recovering, Han Shuo's injuries had also mostly healed. There was no danger to him leaving now, and thus Han Shuo has raised the suggestion of departing.

  All good things must come to an end. Odysseus and the others also knew that this location was relatively safe. After Han Shuo voiced his proposal, Odysseus nodded with resignation and said, "Since this is the case, then let's part here. I hope we will be able to meet again in the future."

  Everyone bade Han Shuo and Trunks farewell a bit reluctantly and slowly left the area, moving to the outskirts of the Dark Forest as Han Shuo and Trunks waved them onwards.

  It wasn't until Odysseus and the party of six had vanished from sight that Trunks finally said, "You no longer need my protection with your current body condition, it looks like it's time for me to leave!"

  Han Shuo looked at Trunks and shook his head, smiling, "You can't leave yet."


  "I'm quite furious with the injuries that the McGrady Guild has gifted me. My anger won't be assuaged before that earth adept mage Leon has died by my hands. Heh heh, I've discovered that you and the manticore have been disappearing for certain periods at a time recently. Have you already discovered traces of the McGrady Guild and are planning on slowly making a move against them?"

  Trunks said with a dumbfounded look when he heard those words, "It looks like there is indeed something mysterious about you. It's like there's nothing I can hide from you. Indeed, I am planning on making a move against the McGrady Guild, but there's an archmage holding down the fort within it. They also have a lot of helpers, so I can only make moves in the darkness and wouldn't dare to be an openly declared enemy of theirs. You're currently injured, so if we were to start fighting, you won't have much of an effect. That's why I ruled you out."

  Looking deeply at Trunks, Han Shuo mused silently for a bit and then opened his mouth to say, "I have a way to handle the McGrady Guild, and I also know that they'll pass through here. It will be tough for me to handle an archmage. As long as you help me handle the archmage, leave the rest to me."

  "Are you crazy? The McGr

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