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To the misfortune of Sari, Makoto is incredibly bountiful in the amount of memories in regards t


div>This time for sure, Tomoe left.

  Leaving Sari who had her head completely blanked out.

  "...Eh?" (Sari)

  By the time Tomoe was already gone without the possibility of her responding to Sari, Sari once again voiced out an 'eh?' from her mouth.

  It was a sight worth pitying.

  "It looks like they are going to change something? Waka-sama told Tomoe-sama to do whatever she wishes. Ah Sari, how old are you?" (Komoe)

  "I see, so I am the Onee-chan here. And so, Sari, I am going to go to Tsige the day after tomorrow. What do you want as a souvenir? I am the Onee-chan, so I will buy it for you! Ah, I heard this from Shiki. You rode on that fast boat that has a screw attached to it, right? How was it? Ah...and also..." (Komoe)

  "When Sari can leave to the outside, let's go to Tsige. My best friend is there. I am sure Sari will also like her!" (Komoe)

  Komoe was incredibly interested in Sari. She was throwing a topic after another to Sari with a wide smile.

  But Sari was still shuddering at the scary words of Tomoe, and half of what Komoe was saying wasn't entering her head.

  She somehow managed to give some slight responses to her, but she couldn't remember properly.

  But even with that, the impression Komoe had of her might have been good, because after that, Komoe and Sari got along better at mach speed, and every time the topic goes to their first meeting, Sari would remember it as the 'time of the kan and momme' and would always make a pained expression as she spoke.  Book 18, Pure Yang, Chapter 3 - Xingtian, Heaven Punisher

  When the Grand Xia had been unified, all of the Immortals and Gods had come to pay their respects...but that was after countless years of wars against the Fiendgods, resulting in catastrophic casualties. Very few Celestial Immortals were alive after those wars. Now that the Grand Xia had been at peace for so many eons, the total number of Celestial Immortals within the Grand Xia had reached astonishing heights.

  "This is a tribulation like none we have ever faced before. I many of them will be alive at its conclusion?" Shadow Rogue The Xia Emperor stared downwards, sighing privately to himself. "I'm not even sure if I myself will survive..."

  "Arise," the Xia Emperor said aloud. "Take your seats."

  Ji Ning and the others all took their seats. Immortal fruit and nectars were placed in front of them, but none of the Immortals were in the mood for food. They were all waiting to hear the Xia Emperor's words.

  "Junior apprentice-brother, look; it seems as though the Dongyan Forefather is amongst those five True Immortals up there," Yu Wei suddenly sent.

  "The Dongyan Forefather?!" Ning was shocked, immediately looking over.


  Amongst the group of five, there was a man dressed in plain blue robes. He looked quite ordinary, but his aura was that of a True Immortal.

  The Dongyan Forefather was the pillar that held up the skies for the Dongyan clan! Ninelotus was now the current clan leader for the Dongyan clan, and during the Conclave of Immortal Destiny, Ning had personally seen the Dongyan Forefather. However, back then he had merely been a Celestial Immortal. Who would've thought that when upon his next appearance, he was a Pure Yang True Immortal?

  Ning suddenly thought of what his master, Subhuti, had told him. He couldn't help but sigh to himself. "The world of the Grand Xia truly is a world of crouching tigers and hidden dragons."

  "My many fellow Immortal..." The Xia Emperor finally spoke out.

  Instantly, everyone looked at him. Ning no longer pondered on the Dongyan clan, also focusing on the Xia Emperor's words.

  "I trust all of you, fellow Immortals, know what our current situation is like." The black-robed Xia Emperor's voice was very somber. The Seamless Gate has summoned a storm that is sweeping through the entire Grand Xia. By now, hundreds of the weaker major worlds of the Three Realms have already been fully subjugated by them. In additi

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