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The whole tunnel slowly turned blue, the energy particles in the air freezing.


div>Kuirman was not prepared for the explosion and a thin layer of frost covered his skin as the blue liquid spread.

  "Fcking hell! What's this thing?! Wait... This is not an ordinary beast heart!"

  Kuirman roared in pain. Blood was dripping down his nose but it seemed like he was not badly injured. His high Stamina provided him with enough resistance to the ice damage.


  Kuirman drew his cursed scimitar, turned around, and slashed forward. The blade turned into a fan as it soared through the air.

  This time a red heart flew at him.

  "Damn!" Kuirman cursed but failed to dodge.


  The man was swollen by red flames, the power of the explosion making the whole tunnel shake.

  The burning flame melted the frozen blue liquid that filled up the tunnel and the Fire energy particles blazed.

  It felt like standing in a closed box that was put on fire. The temperature inside was extremely high. Angele leaned backward, noting that Kuirman was blown against the left wall by the explosion.

   Is it wrong to be a Hero in a dungeon The dent left on the wall had the shape of Kuirman's body.

  "You... How dare you..."

  Kuirman was still alive. He slowly slid to the ground, his body burnt and surrounded by white smoke.

  The fire slowly extinguished as there was nothing left for it to burn anymore.

  Angele had more than 20 heart bombs hidden under his robe and the two he had just used had the lowest power. It was possible that he could simply bomb Kuirman to death.

  The first one he threw contained Ice energy and the second one Fire energy. They both had about 51 degrees of power. Kuirman was not in the center of the explosions, but he was still hit by at least 40 degrees of power twice in a row.

  It looked like Kuirman was severely injured. Angele stared at him and pursed his lips into a cold smile.


  He raised his left hand and the wings on the palm started swinging.


  Kuirman suddenly hit the wall with his right fist.

  Some black light dots splashed into the air with pieces of broken stones.

  Angele was not sure why Kuirman did that, but the wings on his palm stopped swinging, and it seemed like the signet was trying to absorb the black dots.

  Angele stood there and could not move, his sight replaced by darkness. The only thing he could see was the gray stairs under his feet. The tunnel and Kuirman were no longer there.

  He assumed he was trapped in the illusion again.


  Angele lowered his left hand and checked the signet on his palm. Luckily it was not fully activated and he could still use it later.

  Suddenly, a chilling feel climbed up the back of his neck. His sight blurred and the tunnel appeared again.

  "Die!" Kuirman roared furiously from behind.

  Angele turned around and Kuirman's green needle almost reached the tip of his nose. Kuirman sneered while trying hard to stab Angele's neck.


  Intense green flame blazed between the two.

  They were blown away by the impact at the same time and hit the walls on opposite sides.

  "The hell..."

  Kuirman coughed blood and his body was stuck to the wall again.

  "You prick..."

  He stared Angele.

  Angele slowly stood up. He was close to the center of the explosion but most of the impact was directed at Kuirman, so he himself was just slightly hurt.

  "It's over, Kuirman."

  Another red heart bomb appeared in Angele's hand. It was pumping slowly, and its surface had a green glint.

  "Where do you find those strange energy hearts?!" A hint of fear formed on Kuirman's face. "Such quality... and such power... who did you purchase those hearts from?"

  He raised the cursed scimitar.

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