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How to Hold Rabbits Out of Your Backyard

Rabbits may possibly look cute with their fur but they are the most significant menace in any vegetable garden. They not only chew upon veggies like beans, lettuce or beet but they also consume away the leaves of younger saplings.Some of the successful ways to hold them at bay without having creating them harm are:&bull The backyard ought to be fenced with chicken wire. This need to be at least two feet in height and 5 inches in the ground to avoid them from digging burrows to enter the backyard. This must be properly supported with stakes placed 6 to 8 feet apart. gazebo canopy &bull The backyard can be sprinkled with clips of human hair or urine of coyotes to preserve cats away. &bull Chili pepper sauce diluted in water or vinegar can be sprinkled all all around to repel cats. &bull Flakes of hot pepper or blood meal from backyard centers can be sprinkled in the backyard to hold cats away. &bull Cat litter is also deemed effective, but this is not recommended since it includes dangerous bacteria. &bull 1 can intentionally plant clover or weeds of plantain in a separate pocket which will attract rabbits whilst maintaining them away from the garden. &bull Onions planted in 1 or two rows about the backyard is also powerful in repelling rabbits with its strong scent. &bull Strong scented soaps positioned in the garden are equally successful in repelling rabbits. &bull Ultrasonic gadgets that can detect intrusion by animals and spray water jets on them are successful in retaining not just rabbits but other animals also at bay.
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