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THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC has devastated few industries more than the ticketing business, but fans stand to benefit the most when full crowds are allowed to return to stadiums and arenas.

It’s a year later, spring training is back, although I am not there this time. From a distance, we’re talking about games again and the promise of a season to be played with fewer caveats and more reasonable stakes. But we’re not so far removed from that strange rupture last March that it isn’t worth reflecting on. So I asked some people around the game what they remember from those days when baseball first confronted the coronavirus.Oakland Athletics

He showed an encouraging progression during his age-23, 24 and 25 seasons (finishing SP38, SP30 and SP23 on the ESPN Player Rater), only to have a look of giving back many of those gains in 2020 (SP47). Besides 2020 representing a precariously small sample size, Berrios' fastball never seemed right, as he used it roughly 5% less often, with hitters batting .380 against it and making hard contact 60% of the time they put it into play. Still, the right-hander threw it harder on average than ever before (94.5 mph) and, with all pitches combined, he had career-best strikeout and swinging-strike rates, which suggests this was a fastball command issue. That's fixable. Berrios is still a top-20-starter caliber arm, going at a price a bit beneath that.Kansas City Royals

Young also said that outfielder/designated hitter Willie Calhoun is dealing with some mild groin tightness after playing Monday. The team planned to be cautious with Calhoun for a few days but didn't initially plan an MRI. That game came exactly one year after Calhoun was hit in the face by a fastball that broke his jaw during a spring training game.

Bishop could be the first powerful left-handed bat in the outfield the Giants have developed in a long, long time. There will be some swing-and-miss in his game, but his speed and power combination should make up for that. While the Giants likely will be cautious in where Bishop starts the minor league season, it's clear Burrell believes his power is real and is excited to see what's next for the former top draft pick.

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Former Giants outfielder Pat Burrell now is a roving hitting instructor for the organization and has worked closely with Bishop since the Giants drafted the Arizona State product. Burrell played with and against some of the best sluggers in baseball over his 12-year MLB career. But he hasn't seen many hitters have the kind of natural power Bishop already has. Chicago Cubs

There's a bit of a split camp on Binelas so far, with some questioning the overall impact and defensive fit, while others think he's an advanced college bat who will go in the first round.Minnesota Twins

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