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Ramirez and Reyes had been isolated at their temporary spring training homes since Saturday after they went out to dinner indoors, which violated virus guidelines set by Major League Baseball and the players’ union.

There are far more candidates for the bounce-back article this year, as the shortened season created small-sample data that is less trustworthy. Additionally, the abbreviated campaign gave no time for injured players to get back into top form and have success across part of the season. Finally, many players personally dealt with COVID-19 and never lived up to expectations. 

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But one of Strop’s larger messages Thursday resonates in a light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel moment of the pandemic in which people are getting vaccinations at increasing rates and glimpses of normalcy have returned to some sectors.Arizona Diamondbacks MLB Design Face Coverings

"I think at this point, everything that we could’ve hoped for we’re seeing, certainly from an offensive side. But (there's also) defensive versatility and what we think is the ability to play first.”, Sports Team Face Masks, New York Mets MLB Design Face Coverings

And while Franco is far from a defensive wizard at third, he would likely be a much better option there than Davis, who was worth -8 DRS in just 34 games at third base in 2020 and -9 DRS in 31 games at third in 2019.Seattle Mariners MLB Design Face Coverings

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The Phillies signed Didi Gregorius in 2020 and he played in 59 games at shortstop last season. Former shortstop Jean Segura split time between second and third base. Both are under contract in 2022 and Segura has a no-trade clause in his deal. The team chasing after a top free agent likely means Gregorius would be on the move.Washington Nationals MLB Design Face Coverings

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Rheal Cormier threw his last pitch in a Phillies uniform 15 years ago, yet I find myself thinking about him often.Tampa Bay Rays MLB Design Face Coverings

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