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With league rules preventing current players from owning portions of the NBA or WNBA, James, who has earned more than $1 billion in his career, according to Forbes, branched out with a conglomerate that started by owning the Red Sox. FSG's broad footprint could expand even more with the infusion of cash from RedBird Capital.

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Major League Baseball Face Mask

So this will be a battle all the way to the end of camp, which will likely be bittersweet for the Yankees to eventually make a call on. But, like Boone mentioned, both pitchers are expected to be impactful over the 162-game marathon.Baltimore Orioles face coverings

No pitcher -- not even Greg Maddux -- can throw a pitch to a precise spot with perfect execution pitch after pitch. No batter -- well, maybe Barry Bonds or Ted Williams -- can know exactly where a pitch is going to end up. So whether a pitcher gets the call on a pitch right on the edge or the batter gets the call is basically just luck in either direction. Plus, is the technology ready to handle the different strike zone between Jose Altuve versus Aaron Judge? Can it read the microscopic difference on whether the ball catches the corner? Be careful what you wish for here.

In looking at the Dodgers’ balance sheet, there’s obviously some big money this year at the top and some looming big money looking down the road (Cody Bellinger, Corey Seager). Finding a contract they’d easily scrub from the books is more difficult than it seems.

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Giolito is the first White Sox pitcher to make consecutive Opening Day starts since Chris Sale in 2013 and 2014, and the first White Sox right-hander to do so since Jaime Navarro in 1997 and 1998.Cincinnati Reds face coverings

We’ll take it Harper isn’t going to guest speak at the SABR analytics conference next year. The analytics age has changed the approach of the modern hitter, often leading to more tape study and a number-driven approach to logistical changes in batting stance and swing.Philadelphia Phillies face coverings, Toronto Blue Jays face coverings, Mlb Team Face Coverings

Here’s how the 16 batters he has faced in three outings have fared: strikeout, single, hit batter, double, single, single, home run, grounder to pitcher, line out to center, line out to third, grounder to second, walk, single, popup, walk, triple.

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