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Two New Lovely, Non-Invasive Bamboos

Fargesia robusta 'Green Screen' and Fargesia rufa 'Green Panda'Bamboo is known for currently being quite decorative and stunning in the backyard, but a lot of gardeners shy away from bamboo simply because of its reputation for getting invasive. This week we are featuring two new clump forming bamboo plants that are non-invasive and perfect for any gardener who has always needed to attempt to expand bamboo - 'Green Screen' and 'Green Panda.' Garden Grass Roller for sale Native to China, each bamboo species are favourite meals of the Giant Pandas. You are certain to appreciate either of these bamboos in your garden - they make outstanding hedges, screens, specimen plantings or can be grown in containers. Both a single will make a great vertical accent or specimen.A Rapidly-Growing ScreenFargesia robusta 'Green Screen' is a robust strong-developing, clumping bamboo that will attain fifteen to eighteen feet substantial with a culm diameter of one particular inch and a clump diameter of twelve feet. It is both fast-growing and sun tolerant, with arching stems that give Bamboo 'Green Screen' a really soft texture. New shoots build in the spring, continually including to the interest and texture of this bamboo. 'Green Screen' is extremely vigorous and hardy all through Zone six.Best Bamboo for Smaller SpacesFargesia rufa 'Green Panda' is also a non-invasive clumping bamboo. It is smaller than 'Green Screen' reaching just six to eight come to feel tall. It forms a dense mound of stems and foliage that will increase by just a couple of inches each and every yr, eventually maturing to eight feet in diameter. It is also extremely vigorous and is hardy to -15F (Zone five).Planting and CareRated as deer resistant. Fertilize with Cottonseed Meal and Kelp Meal when planting in early spring and once more in late fall. Ideally, pick a location with element shade, especially in the afternoon. As soon as established, both bamboos will tolerate complete sun. Both bamboos will do greatest when planted in a compost-rich, moisture retentive, but nicely-drained soil.Click here to view Green Screen on the Carroll Gardens internet site.
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