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[How much spiritual qi and energy have I collected during the entire process?]


div>He was shocked only to think about it. He doubted that he could reach such height in East-rising Purple Qi if not for all the things he had been through.

  The amount of qi and energy he needed to collected to reach was enough to push a man from the bottom level to level nine of Dao Origin Stage!

  In fact, Ye Xiao needed more energy than that.

  With such a significant amount of energy he had collected, the East-rising Purple Qi only reached the third level!

  The third level was absolutely not the end. Ye Xiao was sure about it. After the third level, there were the fourth, the fifth, the sixth... and even the ninth level!

  Nine meant ultimate. [1] East-rising Purple Qi was the best martial art in the universe, so it should have nine levels in total!

  However, if there were nine levels, it took him such great efforts to reach the third level. What did he need to get to the ninth level?

  Ye Xiao didn't dare to think about it. He was afraid if he kept thinking about it, he would lose confidence in it!

  That was horrible!

  Anyway, no matter how difficult it was to accumulate energy for the East-rising Purple Qi, he didn't have to worry about it at the moment. What he should do was to seize the day. After all, he might need to spend a long time to practice the third level of East-rising Purple Qi that he had just reached. He silently stood in the courtyard, under the warm sunshine, trying to recognize every change that had happened to him...

  Time passed.

  For every day of the next few days, Yue Gongxue would go to wake Ye Xiao up in the morning, talk to him, and take a walk with him. After that, she would go to the kitchen and cook for her son before she watched him eat.

  While he was eating, she would just sit aside with a big smile, until Ye Xiao finished all the food.

  For Yue Gongxue, it couldn't be more satisfying to watch her son eat the food that she especially cooked for him. She was soaked in happiness.

  Ye Nantian, Yue Shuang, and Yue Han were all jealous...

  Ye Nantian was jealous of his son. After all, he had just married Yue Gongxue, yet Yue Gongxue just left him aside. Yue Shuang and Yue Han were jealous of their bother for having a mother. The sisters never had a mother before!

  One day, when Yue Gongxue and Ye Nantian were together, they talked to each other about something weird.

  "This is strange. Why do I feel... like my body has become lighter? It seems... my skin has become softer..." Yue Gongxue said.

  "Hmm? I have the same feeling too... I feel particularly spirited. My face... It seems my face is getting younger... I can't see the wrinkle behind my eyes..." Ye Nantian said.

  A few days before the conversation, early in the morning, when the two of them woke up from asleep, they felt their mouths had some weird scent. Although the scent was gone immediately, they still remembered it. After that, their physical condition started to change.

  They were different now!

  Ye Nantian was definitely a handsome guy when he was young, or he wouldn't be able to attract the Saintess of Qiong-Hua Palace. However, after the miserable life he had been through, he was not only weakened in cultivation but uglified by the twenty years of heart-breaking time. Now he was a man in his forties. Yue Gongxue had been imprisoned for eighteen years. Although she still had a pretty face because of her powerful spiritual power, her face was vividly pale because of her age.

  She had been staying in a cold place without sunshine for years. That's why her face looked pale. Usually, it was impossible to change it.

  However, within several days, Yue Gongxue found that her face had become red on the cheeks, not pale anymore.

  It seemed she was back to eighteen years earlier. How unbelievable it was!



  In ancient China, sometimes nine meant infinity.  "The scars on my body... It seems they are gone..." Ye Nantian touched his own skin and murmured.

  How could a

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