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  It was everyone's dream to cultivate the Excellent Divination Artwork, but not every person could realize this dream. Jiang Chen, even so,was a particular case. Possessing lived two lives in the Mortal Globe, he had an extraordinary advantage in contrast to the others.

  Hu... Hu...

  After two days of continuous work, the outer barrier of Uranus Point had become quite thin. Presently, each strike from the soul energy brought on the barrier to tremble intensely and it seemed like it would break at any time.

  Outdoors the courtyard, Tianji Zi glanced at the sky, and then pushed open the front gate of Jiang Chen's courtyard.

  "It has currently been 3 days, I wonder how that kid is undertaking."

  Tianji Zi's heart was filled with anticipation. He strode in direction of Jiang Chen's space and pushed open the door.

  Just as he pushed open the door of Jiang Chen's space, Jiang Chen broke past the barrier of the Uranus Point. Massive soul power and divination Qi rushed into Jiang Chen's Uranus Level like the tides of the ocean, causing his glabella to glow brightly.

  At the identical time, a particular sort of Qi radiated out from Jiang Chen's physique. It was the divination Qi, which was now denser and more powerful than prior to. Though it seemed ethereal, one particular could sense it with clarity.

  The scene that Tianji Zi noticed made him stagger and he virtually fell to the ground. He gaped at Jiang Chen unblinkingly. His body shivered and he was at a loss of phrases.

  This scene was also acquainted as he had just experienced this not lengthy ago. The glowing Uranus Point and robust divination Qi indicated the breakthrough in Heavenly Vision realm. Irrespective of how unacceptable it was to him, he had to admit that Jiang Chen had achieved the 2nd stage of the Wonderful Divination Artwork. Apparently, his mind even now wasn't convinced that this was not a dream.

  "This is extremely hard. Definitely unattainable. I have to be dreaming."

  Tianji Zi could not cease shaking his head as he muttered to himself. As a mighty Golden Immortal expert, he had shaped his disposition and thoughts to a certain degree of resoluteness, but at this existing minute, it appeared as if he had misplaced all of his composure.

  He could by no means think about that this was true as he had invested almost all of his daily life to attain such a stage. Jiang Chen, nonetheless, only employed three days to have this kind of an achievement. Genuinely, this was not a joke. If he didn't saw this scene personally, he would never feel it.

  In fact, even soon after seeing it with his personal eyes, he still identified it tough to feel or even accept.

   Free Me Right after efficiently breaking by way of, Jiang Chen noticed Tianji Zi's presence. He took in a deep breath and opened his eyes. As an alternative of feeling exhausted following the steady consumption of soul power, he felt charged-up and vigorous. He stood up from the cushion and came prior to Tianji Zi.


  Jiang Chen greeted, but identified out that Tianji Zi wasn't responding. He lifted his head and noticed Tianji Zi was even now in a trance, even now immersed in his very own planet.


  Jiang Chen couldn't support but sigh in his heart. He deeply understood what Tianji Zi presently come to feel. Initially, he intended to conceal the truth by telling Tianji Zi that he had only reached the Spiritual Wisdom realm, to keep away from bringing too much psychological blow to Tianji Zi. However, he hadn't considered of the probability that his master would barge in appropriate at the minute when he made the breakthrough.


  Jiang Chen referred to as for the 2nd time. Last but not least, Tianji Zi regained his senses. He now looked at Jiang Chen like how he would look at a monster and spoke in a somewhat quivering voice, "You-you have advanced to the Heavenly Vision realm?"

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